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Medicine and Doctors


Medics24 was registered with Companies House in December 2005 as a limited company. Both Directors are closely involved with the day to day running of the company and are aware that such a highly skilled workforce is not always within the budget of some clients, overheads are therefore kept to a minimum. Significant savings can be made and passed on to you, resulting in a high quality service at an affordable cost. Also the Directors carry out a twice yearly price review to monitor value for money.

The Directors are supported by a Medical Officer who is responsible for the facilitation of paramedic drugs and auditing, with clinical governance meetings to regularly monitor patient care effectiveness. As an organisation that may be called upon to provide advanced life support to seriously ill or injured persons we have to make sure that everything we do is safe and relevant.

Here are some unusual facts about Medics24:

  • Ability to offer levels of emergency care and emergency drug intervention most other private providers cannot
  • Only statutory 999 ambulance qualified staff crew Medics24 vehicles at events
  • All drivers of Medics24 vehicles have received 999 blue light driver training with operational experience
  • The paramedic at your event may be one of the directors, they like a ‘hands on’ approach
  • Company treatment guidelines are based on the latest pre-hospital physician based thinking
  • No charge for reasonable use of consumables
  • Mileage charged only if event is in excess of 80 or more miles from our base

Medics24 Ltd was originally created to provide the organisers of sporting, corporate, and other leisure events with a highly skilled and flexible service. We are an unusual private ambulance services provider in that we are owned and operated by 999 ambulance service professionals, who understand the importance of professional service delivery. They believe that the best people to provide an emergency response to incidents anywhere are those individuals who have been tried and tested against the most exacting standards available. If you decide to retain the services of Medics24 personnel you will find an individual who is highly skilled in his or her day to day job of saving lives on the streets of the UK.